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How we protect your information

Confidentiality is vital to any successful 360 degree feedback project and we take this very seriously.

We, Matlock Business Solutions Ltd, and our business partners, agree to:

  • Keep all information confidential. Feedback is provided anonymously and we will not reveal the identities of any participants.
  • Present information in a confidential, printed report which will be sent direct to the feedback recipient.
  • We may produce summary information about workgroups and departments for the use of senior management in your organisation. No report is produced on an individual without their knowledge
  • Any further use of the information will be notified, in advance, to participants.
  • We will remove information from our systems when it ceases to be relevant (this may be up to a year).

Any variation to the above policy will be explained, in advance, to the particpants.

In addition:

  • Data is processed via a secure website
  • Access to data is tightly controlled by passwords
  • Archived data is encrypted to prevent unwanted access

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