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360 degree feedback

360°  feedback (sometimes called 360 degree appraisal or 360 degree assessment) is used to enhance the performance of workgroups and individuals.

Individuals will obtain feedback from their managers, colleagues and members of their own team. report This feedback is partly formal, based on an agreed set of competences sample → , and partly informal, i.e. constructive comments made by the feedback providers.

This information, togther with a self-assessment, is collected and analysed. Each individual then receives a confidential report Sample report (PDF, 685KB) → : this would normally be used as part of an in-house or externally supplied coaching progamme.

Senior management may also receive summarised reports showing the consolidated results for a team.

Matlock Business Solutions can provide a comprehensive service to support this process. Click on the links below to find out how we can benefit you and your organisation:

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