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Twin Star 360

The Twin Star

The Twin Star 360 is an implementation of our 360 degree feedback product which has been developed in conjunction with psychiatrist Ben Furman and social psychologist Tapani Ahola of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute →

The Twin Star is a simple and highly practical model for understanding the essentials of communicating successfully and creating a good work environment. Both stars have four points each pointing to one of the eight most relevant building blocks of successful communication and a good working environment.

The points of the blue star point to the four most essential positive experiences we all need to have on a regular basis in order to experience work satisfaction. The points of the yellow star, on the other hand, point to the four most common pitfalls that can jeopardize co-operation and impair the working environment if not dealt with in a constructive manner.

The Twin Star 360 provides you with a low-cost personal development tool which harnesses the power of 360 with the proven, solution-focussed methodology of the Twin-Star

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